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Thursday, April 19, 2012


So recently i became a BzzAgent. What is that you may ask. Well that means i get to try new products for free or at a really discounted price. All i need to do is spread the bzz about the product and give a truly honest opinion on the products I'm trying.
  I was recently sent the CarMD to try. It's a vehicle health system that instantly diagnoses engine problems and hidden problems before they get out of hand.The kit come with everything you need to get started, the device,disc,nd all necessary cables. I found the software simple to install and the directions easy to  follow. The device itself was very easy to use. Anyone can do it.
 The first 2 cars didn't have their check engine lights on but i tested them anyways, just to see if there were any hidden problems, and there wasn't. On the third car I tried the check engine light was on. When I hooked the CarMD up to the car the light turned red which means there is a problem. When i hooked the CarMD up to my computer it told me there were 2 problems with the car, one that we knew of and one we couldn't get properly diagnosed before.So the CarMD has already helped us out! I also like the fact that the website tells you if there are any recalls or safety issues with your vehicle.
 I would highly recommend this product. if you liketo check one out for yourself go to http://www.carmd.com/bzz

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