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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Don't Torture Your Jeans.save them.

 I recently had the chance to try out Woolite Extra Dark Care.   This is a new product from Woolite that is supposed to keep your jeans and dark clothes  looking like new.
I was excited to try this because I almost always wear jeans and dark clothes,especially black. After a few washes my black shirts are always faded and I can't stand it. I want my black to be black not a faded version of it.

  So I put together a load of laundry consisting of my jeans and a couple of new black shirts. Now that I've washed and dried my clothes let's see.

Well I must say they are looking pretty good! The shirt isn't fading yet and my jeans look great. I found my clothes to be very clean and they smelled good too.Who knew you could use Woolite for something other than your delicates! In closing I have to say that I am satisfied with this so far and I hope it keeps my dark clothes looking like new!

+I was given this product to try and review through-http://crowdtap.com


  1. Thank for the information I been looking for something like this try,I would love me jeans to keep looking new!!!

    1. I know what you mean. I dont like when my clothes fade

  2. I have some myself I've been meaning to try out. Nice review!

  3. I actually have a sample of this, I should try it! I wear a lot of jeans and black tops, and I hate when the black fades!

  4. I've been using it and all my black shirts are still looking good so It does what it pomises so far :)

  5. I abhor when my blacks fad! I wear a lot of neutrals and black in particular, so I get extremely upset when I pull them out of the wash and they are 2 shades lighter! >.<